Here, I would like to begin by paying tribute to those many wonderful experiences I have had in the wild … and which can ONLY be had in the wild … those dense jungles with crystal clear streams, placid estuaries, fishing days and camping nights, a cup of black wood smoked tea and of course the queen of turbid waters … the sea. I have featured places & people, some good friends who are now far away and then there there folks from the jungles, honest people with winning smiles that make you want to go on … through the rain, up the next hill and around the next bend …  where all rivers  flow to the sea.

and all was quite ...
and all was quiet…

I beg you to overlook my mistakes in grammar. Though I am on the road to improvement I believe that language does not really hinder me in my adventures and should not do so here!  My broken Hindi, Marathi, the occasional sign language and simple acts like sharing a cigarette or a meal – all took me a long way. After all, honest intentions are understood by honest people. I love feedback, so feel free to dash across your thoughts me.
I derive immense pleasure in reliving these nostalgic memories and I sincerely hope you enjoy them even half as much as I did … just reading them.

Jungles forever


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  1. It’s has been a while since I journeyed with such great vividness in my mind. Thank you Dean for sharing your experiences. You make your adventures palatable with your writing. Keep it up.


    1. Thanks Rodney, and I remember you and me out there, showing me the ropes, casting a line, pitching a tent, and those memories have resulted in this. And I look forward for one more trip, few more miles and few more lines to write before we hit the sack.


  2. Your writing is absolutely fantastic, your narration of events too Picturesque, makes the whole scene come alive in my head.

    You have had many adventures,thank-you for sharing them with us.

    Im going fishing in a couple of days to Goa, where do you suggest i go, I know its the rainy season, but these are the only holidays i got, this time of the year

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