Writing again

Its been a while since I have penned down anything, I mean anything worth your reading. So I started with my mission, it’s a thing you do when there is no one left to impress, nothing left to prove, no money to be made, just passion and heart … and those are the things we must get down to doing. Over the decades of my wage-earning work as a designer, I would, in times of particular monotony, push away from my desk and confide in my big buddy at the back, that I was on the brink of abandoning not only my job but my home, community, and my entire life’s routine.
Ask what I would do and where I would go I would say with considerable conviction that I would start over on a small island in the South Pacific set at the center of the finest fishing waters on the planet. “I will” I told my sole listener, “spend my days in a small boat floating about in the brilliant blue where every now and then a fish would flash a bright silver greeting under the beautiful tropical sun.”

“Yes that sounds fine” my skeptic buddy would impatiently reply. “but how long would you do that before you get tired of it all and the whole cycle kicks-off again.” And my answer would always be the same, “I’ll try it for a good twenty years, and then take a second look.”

Each time I told that ritualized tale, I transposed myself to the center of a reefed water universe, alone with my fish and my fishing. And the fancy became a dream and all dreams dreamed long enough come true…



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  1. hi dean,
    im glad your writing again,i thought you’d already set off for sunnier shores!….

    I recently found your blog site after a lot of fruitless searching on up to date info regarding fishing in goa..I always fished as a boy but only course fishing then adult life takes over and i moved to goa 10 years back.

    recently a friend took me sea fishing and after that I was hooked once again and what is there better than sitting in a beautiful location catching fish which you can take home and eat..

    ive really enjoyed reading all that you’ve written to date and I was wondering if you have any location tips and techniques,bait,rigging live bait versus lures etc for fishing pre monsoon and during monsoon..im based in north goa…

    thanks alot


    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for writing in, yes Goa is a beautiful place to get hooked all over again. I have penned down most of my thoughts on lures and rigging live baits here, including locations where u can use them, I suggest you follow them down to the “T”.
      Monsoon fishing revolves mostly around bait and beach casting. The beaches up north are good for this very purpose, the far south is better as its less frequented by tourist and beach tidal inclines are deeper- check out Hooked Part 3.
      Will give u shout when am Goa next and we can then head out to some blue water 🙂

      Tight lines


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