A Fishy Tale from Goa – A ghost story and some fishing

From time immemorial, the rivers of Goa have been haunted, and this has always posed a challenge for innocent fishermen seeking to catch the big one, and these fish only seem the be caught in the dead of night. Here is firsthand, rather spooky yet humours experience of fishing among those haunted Goan rivers.


Motorcycling & Fishing down the Maharashtra Konkan coast – Part01

Motorcycling and fishing have always been synonymous to me, one leads to the other, and the freedom they both provide will always remain unmatched. This travelogue is about riding down the beautiful Konkan coast of Maharashtra on a motorcycle, with a rod and reel tucked away in my saddles.

Alfie’s cramps

Alfie's Cramps   The beautiful forest laden hills of the Western Ghats, running along the borders of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka, are a wondrous place for the avid naturalist or a seasoned trekker. Miles upon square miles of beautiful dense forest filled with all manner of flora and fauna, beautiful ruined temples hidden in the... Continue Reading →

Riding Days and Jungle Nights

Riding days and Jungles Nights The craggy hills covered with lush vegetation summit the skyline, below the rain forest expand as far as the eye can see. Molem, east of Goa is place that can boast of thick forest and tales of tigers that still haunt the winding ghats and jungles there. Riding past the... Continue Reading →

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