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  1. Hey Dean. This is Rajiv if you remember me we met in bandra after sunday church nearly two years a go I think it was at coffee day. Have you had a chance to use the lure I gave you ???. Any fishing you have done in Goa or anywhere else. Love your articles,was in Goa recently for 3 days could not find time for fishing. Went to Tirakhol fort looked at a sand bar in distance from top of the fort,saw some people wading I ithink its called keri ???.my immediate instinct was to pull out a rod and head to the sand bar,no such luck. could not see any spot under the fort for fishing. Luv your articles and spirit of adventurism gliding freely on your motorbike. I agree with you, would spend life time on an Island. I have a house in florida Pensacola its on a island has Gulf of Mexico on one side and back waters on the other,and lots of beaches ,sand dunes and nature,this place was bought due to its natural beauty and fishing but for some reason Goa beckons me constantly.
    keep in touch

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    1. Hi Rajiv, of course I remember you and the coffee we sipped by the church. Tiracol is indeed a beautiful place, and yes those sand banks you saw is Keri – the old Ravas (Thread-fin salmon) fishing grounds, even today there are occasional tales of some large Barramundi caught on rod & reel on a moonlit night. The fishing to be had is not immediately under the fort but to the west of it, there is a small path way that leads off the tar road, just before the fort. I have described in my article “Fishing in Goa 4”
      I am glad you liked my articles and your kind words come as much needed encouragement. Right now I have to moonlight between a day time job and a fishing writer in-order to keep the blog free and running. Lets hope I can keep chipping away and someday, all this takes me to my blue waters. Pensacola is beautiful place and I bet the fishing must be really great there, but memories are “Made in Goa” and they keep calling you back, and they keep calling me back 🙂

      Until we meet again, tight lines !

      PS, the lure u gave me is beautiful, I did fish with it and is now more for memories than a fishing.

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  2. Liked your article on Valpoi I remember the time my uncle would go all the way there from tivim to shoot wild boar, But that was 40 years ago, didnt know the place is yet forested;I would be pleased if you could direct me to some good angling spots in North Goa,in recent times , waters seem too polluted, not like the good old days,I suppose the pressures of tourism is having its bad effect on the enviorment

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  3. hi dean,
    you are the MAN, every fish in the sea will dread to meet !!!!! you write very well and i love your style,i await your movie, bring it on!!!
    all the best to you,TIGHT LINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pascual braganza


    1. Thanks Pascual, am glad u like the blog 🙂 am working hard in order to have the movie out soon, but will need a couple of more fishing expeditions to do justice to it. In the meantime watch this space for new fishy stuff 🙂
      Tight lines


  4. Hi Dean,
    Love reading about your fishing adventures! I am from North Goa and fishing is my favorite past time. Can you advise on places/shops in Goa to buy lures?



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    1. Hi Savio,
      as mentioned in my articles – there are 2 or 3 places in Goa that have a good enough selection – one is Champs in Panjim and the other is CASA IBRAHIM at Vasco. I believe a new Shimano shop has opened up, yet to visit it.


  5. Hey Dean,

    Love reading you experiences and expertise in fishing.

    Am planning to do some fishing on Sunday 24th June around terakol or keri. Can you guide us as what gear and bait and where to go and what time?

    I know I am asking like a child but thats what I am when it comes to fishing.

    Hoping I will get a reply from you.



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    1. Hi Roshan,
      use spinning gear, a light but strong rod – as there is lot of walking to do. Lures work well. Follow my article to the dot and you will find the fishing spots mentioned there.
      Tight lines


      1. Hi Dean went to the place in terakol below the fort on Sunday. The tide was getting low and lots of lures got stuck there. Suggest the type of lure i would need ther please. Am planning to go there next sunday too.

        Love ya Bro

        Thank you.



  6. hi dean, you have left me speachless….. i was just searching the net for some information on ravas and i happened to go through your blog. your adventures are very inspiring to say the least. you have an extraordinary flare for writing. i really liked the essay about the dark waters and the fishing tips page… i am truly impressed.

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    1. Thanks Aamir for your feedback and I am glad u liked my stories. I am in the process of releasing some new adventures here … so keep watching this space.


  7. Thats absolutely fantastic Dean. I envy you and at the same time congratualte you. Its great to see an angler who enjoys the experiencing nature as much as the fish. I will get in touch with you, on my next trip to Goa.

    All the best and tight lines.


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