Writing again

Its been a while since I have penned down anything, I mean anything worth your reading. So I started with my mission, it's a thing you do when there is no one left to impress, nothing left to prove, no money to be made, just passion and heart ... and those are the things we must... Continue Reading →


Hooked – Fishing in Goa Part 4

The Sails of Tiracol If Goa boasts of deep waters, then it’s at Tiracol. Bashfully beautiful, with the river at her stern and the open sea to her face - Tiracol’s water is deep blue, at times transparent enough to see down into her cobalt depths. Sitting on a wooden stool with his back to... Continue Reading →

Marine Predators of the Malabar coast of India & Goa

In this article I strive to describe the fish we spend hours, sometimes days at end chasing down, many a times they have eluded us but every now and then we win and success always taste sweet.  Through all these jaunts I have learned a bit about them and the more I learn the more... Continue Reading →

Hooked – Fishing in Goa Part 3

The Last Asylum Polem, Goa Polem’s secluded shimmering blue waters, thick jungles, and jagged headlands have always held a special place in my heart. Polem makes a perfect fishing paradise; in fact, it’s one of the last intact and unspoiled beaches of Goa. But what really makes Polem my favorite haunt is that it lies... Continue Reading →

Hooked – Fishing in Goa Part 1

The thing about Goa is that it wants to make a man put his roots down. Even an essentially rootless person like myself. It is laid back (almost horizontal at times) and compared to the rest of this money mad country, a haven for the senses. Yep, I could almost feel myself putting my roots... Continue Reading →

Fishing those Dark Waters

It is a land of undulating rocky hills, jungle clad valleys and jagged cliffs that drop right into the sea. The west coast of India is a remote and challenging place to angle in, but the rewards are unmatched. There are no fishing guides, no tackle shops and no traces of hotels. A small shack with fresh spring water on a deserted beach is your only abode, a canoe with an outboard motor - your only mode of transport. But in the ocean, it is a different story – mystical huge rocks which are surrounded by lurking predators, screaming drags and rods bending backwards trying to withstand the daunting strength of gargantuan oceanic beasts fighting for their lives. You need to have it in you to take on this fight or else you’re better off casting of a pier in Goa.

Alfie’s cramps

Alfie's Cramps   The beautiful forest laden hills of the Western Ghats, running along the borders of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka, are a wondrous place for the avid naturalist or a seasoned trekker. Miles upon square miles of beautiful dense forest filled with all manner of flora and fauna, beautiful ruined temples hidden in the... Continue Reading →

Riding Days and Jungle Nights

Riding days and Jungles Nights The craggy hills covered with lush vegetation summit the skyline, below the rain forest expand as far as the eye can see. Molem, east of Goa is place that can boast of thick forest and tales of tigers that still haunt the winding ghats and jungles there. Riding past the... Continue Reading →

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